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What do participants say about Spring for Alexandria?

“Thank you so much for making us part of Spring for Alexandria’s 7th Annual Community Service Day. Our community is a better place because of you guys (volunteers)! With this new look, the bathrooms are a lot more inviting and appealing for the students in the after-school programs! Your creativity and hard work is very valuable and appreciated by all of us at Community Lodgings and the Brent Places families, please share our gratitude to your family and your volunteers’ team. As you may know, Community Lodgings centers have served, and continues to serve, the community of Alexandria, providing families with education, support and help to develop skills and make important life decisions. Thank you for your time and commitment.” Antonio Tamariz, Community Lodgings

“We were fortunate enough to have two volunteer teams at Alexandria Adult Day Services Center (ADSC) for this year’s Spring for Alexandria event. I have to say I was quite impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism shown by our volunteers. One group was assigned a gardening project. The day before the event we had heavy rain and half the patio area was covered in water. The volunteers put on boots and got to work leaving the patio looking 100% better than it had before. I commend this group for their hard work and dedication to this service project. Thanks again for making a great match!” Kimberly Taylor-Davis, Division of Aging & Adult Services

“I am really pleased with the hard work your crews put in today without complaint. The pool area looks fantastic. It’s a relief to me as we are really striving to improve our customer experiences at our City aquatic facilities. A well-kept appearance or curb appeal gives an important first impression. We’re better off this year compared to much of our past.” Ralph Baird, Recreation Manager Aquatics

“What a great collaboration!”

“It was AMAZING. The volunteers worked so hard providing necessary weeding and clean up at the Winkler Botanical Preserve.”

“[My investment in Spring for Alexandria supports] community outreach programs for single parents, families, children, low income households, etc. with the many things we take for granted.”

“The opportunity to meet and work with such altruistic individuals is encouraging.”

“It was an excellent event and I would be willing to do it again anytime.”

“[It shows] what can be achieved with even small combined efforts…”

“Spring for Alexandria enables the City to focus on supporting the community and is an excellent event. I feel that my involvement is well worth the time.”

“Job well done! The [Carpenter's Shelter Staff and Director] were very pleased to walk into the office today with a fresh coat of paint. Our residents also had a great time participating in the mural project. They wore their t-shirts the entire day!”

“This was my second year doing this and I have highly enjoyed it both years. I think it is a great opportunity for individuals to give back time into the City, plus its a day out of the office!”

“Time well spent. We served the community as well as did some great organizational team building.”

“As always it was an excellent event from start to finish!”

“It was a great way to give back to the community and learn more about my follow co-workers.”

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